Tōmeikoma (small)


~5.4cm tall, made of Japanese Maple wood.

The color scheme order is listed from center to outside. e.g. Yellow, Blue, Red will be yellow in the middle triangle, next blue on the flat area, and red on the edges (the very bottom is natural wood.)


From the makers of Shinfuji kendama and Minna no Kendama (Hakushinsya).


These handmade wooden tops are unique in their design, so much so they have been awarded their own patent. They have also received several awards for their design and innovation.

The Japanese name is Tōmeikoma (透明こま) and translates as “transparency top” because the sides seem to disappear and you see the cone of Mt. Fuji. Different color patterns show Fuji in different lighting: midday, sunset, sunrise, afterglow (dusk), and blanket of snow.