Ozora Urushi – Blue


Full Keyaki standard size kendama, Urushi finish (Japanese lacquer), JKA special recommended (Tokubetsu Suishō) seal

*Previous production run was Beech ken with a Cherry tama

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Ozora Urushi: a Kendama finished with a traditional Japanese lacquer.

Made from all-natural materials, this traditional Japanese lacquer is applied with a special technique. The lacquer is applied numerous times, over and over, each time allowing the lacquer to soak deep into the wood, making the surface very hard. Spikes sound light and crispy with this Kendama.

This Kendama is a collaboration with master lacquer craftsman, Mr. Eguchi Tadahiro. He is also from Nagai City, the home of Yamagata Koubou.

This lot features a matte finish, but will naturally get shinier as it is played.

Urushi Lacquer is highly anti-bacterial and is often seen in Japanese tableware, such as in soup bowls. Therefore, this Kendama can be washed with dish soap without any problems.

We hope you will enjoy this new product that combines two amazing traditional Japanese techniques!