Ozora Hardwood – Keyaki (Cowboy Tuned)


All Keyaki (Japanese Zelkova) wood, no paint, JKA hologram seal

***Cowboy Tuned***

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Cowboy Tuned

Some of the Kendama Cowboy’s favorite tweaks & upgrades make these kendama ready to play right out of the box.  All tweaks done by the Cowboy himself.

  1. Full wood finisher treatment including inside all holes and divots*
  2. epoxy resin tip coating
  3. equator line burned into the tama
  4. changed to thicker, low-stretch, black string (~2-3 finger length; standard JKA length)
  5. white sliding knot above tama
  6. SlipFix band underneath the sarado
  7. deburred holes

Includes original Ozora plastic display box and extra standard white string.  Wood finisher is made with various waxes and food-safe oils so there may be a slight oily/waxy feeling when first opened.  This will fade with use.

*Keep away from light colored fabrics particularly when new since the wood treatment may stain them.  Kendama bags are a great way to protect your kendama and your gear from each other.  Find them here.