Terra Pill – Midsize – 10 year Purpleheart


Purpleheart mid-size Pill with sticky paint

*Purpleheart wood can have darker spots/streaks due to the nature of the wood.

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The Terra Pill is a toy that will put your skills to the test! Simple in design, but there are endless possibilities for tricks, with players around the world coming up with new combos every day. What sort of tricks will you come up with?

The new midsize Terra Pill model is designed for playability: it’s the perfect middle-ground between the original size, and the jumbo. Optimized for tricky stalls and balances, this purpleheart version was created to celebrate our tenth year in business.

Wood species Purpleheart
Avg weight 185 grams

Package includes a booklet with basic tricks and maintenance info, an extra string pack, and stickers. (US Patent D841,100; CA Patent 2,783,804)