Nick Gallagher – 2018 KWC Champ Mod


Maple ken, Boost Shape (no balance hole), Sticky Clear

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The 2018 Wold Champion!

Nick Gallagher lives and breathes kendama. He is constantly pushing our sport forward with new and creative tricks and variations, and spreading kendama love in person and over social media.  In July of 2018 Nick traveled to Japan to compete in the Kendama World Cup and took home first place with a record breaking score of 1447.

This Special Edition Champ Mod is designed to commemorate Nick’s victory at the 2018 Kendama World Cup. 

With Nick’s incredible skill at kendama, it should be no surprise that he is very particular with his kendama choices. Because of his personal play style and preference this kendama is the first offered in the Boost shape, without a Balance Bevel in the bottom cup.


Main Features

  • Maple Nick Gallagher Ken
    • BOOST Shape – No Balance Bevel
  • Oversized Tama
  • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
  • Easy-Track Tama Design
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Custom Dyed String
  • Special KWC Engravings
  • Champ Mod Stickers


A Description of the kendama’s design from Nick Gallagher:

Tama Design

Design: V10 Ashteroid design (I won using the Ashteroid at KWC last year, so I had to pay homage)

Color scheme: Red, White and Blue. I wanted to make a kendama that represented America so I went with the classic colors of the flag. The color pattern is the same as my pro mod because I love it so much! Shoutout Stephen Maxam (@staxamart)

Stars: 8 stars around the tama hole, one gold star on the string hole. There were 9 finalists from the USA at KWC last year, so I wanted to have us all represented on this kendama.

Ken Engravings: My initials as well as my final score from KWC 2019 are on the base of the ken. “Champ” is on the top of the big cup, a small star is underneath the small cup, and my QR code is on the base cup.
Hope you guys enjoy my Champ Model as much as I do!🔴⚪🔵


New QR Code: Featured on the base cup of the Champ Mod, it helps with tracking and is also the key to access content.

Use the camera on your phone to scan directly to Nick Gasllagher’s page on our site. Special offers, coupons, videos, etc may be released in the future with this code as your key to the content.

This code is incredibly useful when showing someone kendama for the firs time; all they have to do is open their camera to learn more and take that info with them.