Legend Shape – Luzumaki – Noon


Legend shape Maple ken, Maple/Cherry tama with Sticky Clear paint

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NOON in Korean means Snow or Eye and in English it means when the sun is highest in the sky. The newest design from Luzumaki combines all those elements in a play on words and a tribute to his Korean and American identities. The white tama representing snow and the red dot at the top the midday sun, this kendama is beautiful and elegant. With the Legend Shape and new Sticky Clear this dama is a ready to sesh piece of art.


  • KEN
    • Legend Shape
    • Maple
    • Red Balance Bevel in base cup
    • Luzumaki spiral engravings
    • Luzumaki seal
  • TAMA
    • 62mm
    • Maple with Cherry Stripe
    • Sticky Clear
    • Metal Spinner Bead
    • Replacement String
    • Stickers