Homegrown – Next Gen – Goblin Spectra Stripe


Standard height Next Gen shape with oversized cups. No paint.

Comes w/ an extra string, bead, stickers, Homegrown grain print bandana and a collectible Sweets Kendamas X Arbor Day Foundation pin.


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We have been re-designing the Original HG shape for over 6 months now and are ready to share it with the world. Each change on the Next Gen was made for a specific reason.

* We Increased the sarado width for easier gun slingers. People with big fingers get stoked!

* Increased cup size for easier lunars
* More pronounced higher set ring stall for easier stalling and better balance.
* We scaled up the handlestall for locked stalls and honed lighthouses.
All in all this is one of the most progressive kendamas we have ever made. We have stuck to the OG shape for a while and it will still be for sale so don’t worry if that shape is your favorite. If you are down to try something new and game changing try out a Next Gen today.

The Goblin Spectra is a favorite of many of the people here at the Sweets Shop. When making this one we wanted to use three differnet shades of green to get the fullest range we could. When we saw the final product we couldn’t be happier. So snag one and shred the Green Goblin!

**Due to the layered/laminated nature of Spectraply, it is not quite as durable as most of the hardwoods we use and won’t hold up as well with strong impacts. Use extra caution when playing with a Spectraply Kendama. We will not offer any returns or exchanges on products that have been used. Please inspect your Kendama carefully for manufacture defects before playing.**