Alex Ruisch – Legend Mod v2 (Cushion Clear)


Maple spike, Maple with Wenge stripe sarado, Cherry wood tama, Cushion Clear.

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  • BOOST Legend Ken

    • Maple spike

    • Maple with Wenge stripe sarado

    • Custom engravings on ken

      • Fist in small cup

      • Supernog 73 in Big Cup

      • Crossken pattern on Spike

      • Sweets Logo on bird stall

      • Alex Ruisch X

    • Balance Bevel in base cup

  • BOOST Tama

    • Cherry Wood

    • Black and Gold Crossken pattern

    • White tracking around bevle

    • Cushion Clear

  • Metal Spinner Bead

  • Extra String

  • Ruisch Mod sticker pack