+d – Meteor – Black


Size ~W60×D60×H220mm
Weight ~165g
Construction: Beech wood with lacquer coating

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Meteor by +d(plus d)from h concept

Catch a meteor in a crater! The ball is a meteor and the receptacle is a lunar crater. Born from the reversed idea of eliminating the parts of the dish, Kendama may give you a hint for your daily life. The object-like shape will accentuate your interior design.

Kendama like an objet d’art The object-like shape of Kendama can be used to accent your desk, bookshelf, window sill, or any other interior space. Meteor was born from a reversal of the traditional kendama, which has remained unchanged for over 100 years, by eliminating the catch basin, adding a new page to the history of kendama. Meteor adds a new page to the history of Kendama and may become a hint for your daily life.

One kendama tip and five saucers Despite its simple shape, there are more than 7 ways to play with the Meteor, as it has 5 different receptacles with different levels of difficulty, including the position to hold it. Relax your shoulders and concentrate on the challenge. You may discover your own original technique.

Firm and hard, yet gentle to the touch Beech wood is used for the tops of entrance shelves and flooring because of its hardness. It is also chosen as a material for furniture that directly touches the skin, such as chairs, because of its smooth texture. Please enjoy the texture that makes you want to pick it up.

DESIGNER PROFILE – Jordi Lopez Aguilo

He worked in architectural offices in Copenhagen and Paris. After completing his studies at Elisava, a design school in Barcelona, he returned to his birthplace, Valencia, and founded Kutarq Studio in 2012. He strives to create designs that are not only outstanding in terms of design, but also full of individuality and feeling through passion and inquisitiveness.

Kendama helps us focus on the “here and now,” freeing us from distractions and worries, and increasing our concentration and imagination. Inspired by the surface of the moon, Meteor has the potential to allow you to explore new techniques.



*Above information from h concept’s site & translated by DeepL