Bahama Kendama – Aluminum Full-Size – Lava


Full-sized ~18cm, anodized aluminum, ~552g

Comes with an extra string and drawstring Bahama Kendama cloth bag.

***BONUS: is also including a semi-hard case for it for safe transport and storage.


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This Bahama Kendama is sure to stand out in your collection.  Its much heavier than your used to.. and.. oh, did we mention it’s METAL!?!?

There is, perhaps, no greater satisfaction than that of the sound of spiking this metal kendama. Sounds like a metal sword being sheathed.

Their is nothing you can compare to an all aluminum Kendama. While far from traditional, it is just awesome to hold, play or just looks at.  Bahama Kendama has really hit this time – a true work of art.

The aluminum has an anodized finish that will scratch with use over time.