Pioneer – Jules


Slightly boosted Maple kendama with a 62mm tama.

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Jules is a being incapable of speaking that resides in the most eastern part of the world. She has a yearning desire to express herself. Jules has never known of any other living thing, and has spent an infinite amount of time wondering if she was alone. Deep down within a closed mine, she works to create a beautiful piece of art to share with others. Carefully, she crafts each vein to spark and shine. After all this time, she has accumulated a fantastic piece for the world and has filled the space entirely. As of recent, the whirring and soft buzzing has gotten much louder. It continually seems to be growing louder and getting closer. In the topmost corner of her room, a sudden clinking noise has created a hole, and some dust has filled the room. Finally, she thinks to herself. Friends.

Artwork by Ink Party