Mugen Musou – Infinity – Chigiri


Maple ken with 1 Maple threaded spike, Maple/Walnut/Ash tama

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(Google Translated)

MUGEN MUSOU has been involved with many people for 10 years. That time was very meaningful, and I received various smiles and impressions. And it was because of that connection that I was able to continue to this point.

This “CHIGIRI” connects friends, connects families, connects hearts, and connects smiles. I made it with the wish that I want kendama to be that kind of kendama, and I want to make the connection stronger.



It expresses the traditional woodworking technique “chigiri”, which joins pieces of wood together to prevent cracks.

The “chigiri” that joins each part of maple, walnut and ash are assembled to match the grain of each wood so that it has a cross grain and a straight grain. This is the true value of MUGEN MUSOU.


A feature of INFINITY is that it is possible to rearrange the four parts of the ball, the body, the tip, and the grip, so that you can enjoy customization freely. (INFINITY tip replacement kit sold separately)

This time, the size of the middle plate is slightly larger, and the edge has a gentle curve so that it fits comfortably in the hand. And, in the middle plate, a hole for weight reduction, which has become a standard from MUGEN MUSOU, is drilled in the shape of “CHIGIRI” to balance the weight.

In addition, by using walnut around the hole of the ball, it is easy to see the position of the hole when the ball rotates.


A ball: Maple walnut ash

Ken: Maple (replacement tip not included, tip replacement kit sold separately)

Tip: Maple

Plate body: Maple

Ken length: 163mm

Plate body width: 72mm

Ball diameter: 61mm

Plate diameter: 48mm

Small plate diameter: 44mm

Middle plate diameter: 40mm

Painting: Smooth matte grip painting

Accessories: Spare string, instruction manual