Mugen Musou – A Decade of Mugen Musou (book)


54 page, soft-cover book. Japanese and English. (First 3 books are signed by Tomoma Iwata)

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(Goggle Translated)

In 2013, MUGEN MUGEN MUSOU was born as a new kendama brand  after discontinuing the production of MUGEN .

In commemoration of this, we have compiled the trajectory of MUGEN MUSOU over the past 10 years into a single book .

Our thoughts and commitment are packed.

I would appreciate it if you could see a lot of people.



・The secret story behind the birth of MUGEN MUSOU

・Introduction of past MUGEN MUSOU collections (technology/concept)

・ Thoughts on manufacturing

・Conversation between Tomoma Iwata, CEO of our company, and Tamotsu Kubota, CEO of GLOKEN

・Introduction of successive trophies of Kendama World Cup