KUSA X Scarce collab- Peonies


Jet shape Maple ken, Scarce flower design, SuperStick paint (tama=87g; ken=88g)

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We’re excited for this limited edition collab between Kendama USA and Scarce Kendamas.  Scarce designed these beautiful flower designs on a 62mm tama with a 70/30 split, and paired each one with a Kaizen Jet Shape Ken.  They’re strung with hand dyed Scarce Strings for a unique and stylish setup.


  • Maple Wood Ken
  • Jet Shape
  • 62mm Tama
  • 70/30 Split
  • Limited Edition Scarce Flower Design
  • Super Stick Paint
  • Hand Dyed Scarce String and Bearing
  • Blue Kaizen Bag
  • Replacement String and Bearing