KUSA Mix Matched #27


Jet shape full Beech setup, Cowboy Tuned with Cowboy Coat sticky clear on tama. 78g/77g

***Due to the nature of the clear coating process sometimes the color will bleed. This is not considered a defect. If concerned please contact us before purchase.

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This full Beech setup has been Cowboy Tuned to Level 3.  We added some burn lines and a little color for tracking.

  • Jet shape ken has been treated with wood finisher
  • Spike is coated with epoxy
  • SlipFix band installed under sarado
  • Base cup hole is painted from KUSA
  • Tama has double burn lines and is color filled in between
  • Cowboy Coat on tama
  • Cowboy Matched: tama 78g; ken 77g
  • Comes with canvas bag & stickers