Haley Bishoff Pro Model V3 – JET Shape – Retro Vegas


Jet Shape Maple ken, Super Stick paint

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The Haley Bishoff Pro Model Kendama V3 brings the vibes of Old Vegas and is designed on a Maple Jet shape Ken. The beech wood tama has a clean salt white canvas with a 70’s retro striped design and matching top dot.

The custom artwork on the Ken includes palms under the slip stop, Haley’s signature along the handle, an engraving around the base cup, and a tri-color wave design around the big cup. On the rim of the small cup Haley included a golden SHCL tribute to Kendama pioneer Dave Mateo. Spike Hard Catch Low Forever. 💜

Pick yours up today and support the most veteran and influential female Kendama player in the game: Haley Bishoff!

Pro Model Features:

  • Maple Ken with Beech Tama
  • Paint available in either Matte Silk or Super Stick with Gold Flakes
  • Jet Shape Ken
  • Retro Striped Tama Design
  • Custom artwork on the handle
  • Strung with KUSA bearing
  • Engraved Base Cup Rim

Note from Haley:

Bishmod V3 embodies all of the glitz and glamour of “Old Vegas”. My Pro Models have always represented the places I live and the inspirations I pull from my surroundings. The retro Vegas theme came to be when I moved downtown Vegas and got to experience a world of color, lights, and liveliness. This model is upgraded with more tracking, a handle stall engraving, big cup rim design and top dot art. Make a bet on the Bishmod V3 because you’re guaranteed to hit the jackpot.

Shoutout to the Las Vegas Kendama community. SHCL forever.