Craft – Luna Shape – Ash & Hickory


Luna Hickory ken, Ash tama, no paint

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Craft Concepts. Chapter 3.

We filled the Craft shop full of KUSA team players to work on this special project. The Luna shape is a unique variation of the highly popular Jet shape for those who like a thinner, sleeker feeling ken. We scaled the ken down to be slightly shorter, with a more aggressive taper and a thinner spike. The sarado is shaped to lock in slinger tricks on a whole new level. We made modifications to the slip stall, and made the base of the handle a bit thinner. The cup rims are refined with sharp edges for stalls, and the beveled base cup hole gives this shape a perfect weight distribution.

Features & Improvements

  • Sarado shaped for insane slingers
  • Large Cups for maximum Playability
  • Wide stall points with Crisp Cup Rims to lock in stall tricks
  • Perfect Craft Bevel 
  • Deep Beveled Base-Cup Hole for great weight distribution 
  • 100% Designed and Produced by Experienced Kendama Players
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA