Craft – Jet Shape – Walnut complete


Complete Walnut Jet Shape (tama 80g/ken 81g) natty (no paint), Cowboy Matched

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Black Walnut – Limited Batch

We are extremely excited for this limited batch of Black Walnut Kendamas made on the Jet shape. Black walnut is very durable and offers players a unique tactile feel. Tight straight grain patterns with contrasting chocolaty tones gives a luxurious look. It’s rare to find good North American walnut in good weight ranges for Kendamas, so this batch is very small and limited.

Craft Kendamas are 100% American Made! Working inside the Craft shop gives our team the unmatched ability to experiment, create, and refine our shapes to a level of precision we could never imagine when we first started making Kendamas.

Craft Kendamas are exceptional on so many levels. These are NOT mass-produced Kendamas from overseas. Every single Craft Kendama is made from scratch, with every detail hand-finished by experienced players right here in the USA. This extraordinary level of craftsmanship and care results in a Kendama that will elevate your game.

All wood in the Craft shop is sustainably sourced from the highest quality North American timber.

Features & Improvements

  • Thick Sarado shaped for insane slingers
  • Large Cups for maximum Playability
  • Increased Ken & Tama size from our Nova shape
  • Wide stall points with Crisp Cup Rims to lock in stall tricks
  • Triple tracking lines
  • Perfect Jet Bevel
  • Deep Base-Cup Hole for great weight distribution
  • 100% Designed and Produced by Experienced Kendama Players
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA