Craft – Jet Shape – tama ONLY (Cowboy Tuned L2)


Tama Only (no ken), Cowboy Tuned Level 2 – Cowboy Coat™ sticky paint

*Made in USA

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Looking for the perfect natty tama? Craft Tamas are the highest quality natural tamas on the market. We only use the highest grade materials made from locally sourced lumber and they are made right here in the USA. The tama size has been increased, so we’ve widened the bevel a hair and added an additional line for tracking. Originally made for Craft Jet Kens but can be paired with any modern ken.

Perfect Craft Bevel
Triple Burn Line for Optimal Tracking
Countersunk String Hole
Available in: Hard Maple, Yellow Birch, or White Ash woods.

  • Cowboy Coat™ sticky paint application
  • string hole deburred and resized (as needed)