Craft – Jet Shape – Lagoon halfsplit green


The Craft Lagoon ken has been paired with a Jet HalfSplit tama with Silk matte paint.  Weight: tama 83g; ken 83g

*Craft ken Made in USA.

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Vibrant hues resembling land and sea were fused together to create this beautiful Craft Lagoon Kendama. Each piece is carefully handcrafted using dyed slabs of the finest FSC certified birch wood here in the Craft shop. It’s strung with an orange string and bearing to pair perfectly with the blue, green, and orange tones of the Ken.

Ken Made in USA.

Each Lagoon kendama comes with an gold craft kendama drawstring bag and custom craft stickers.

Features & Improvements

  • Jet Shape Ken
  • Blue, Orange, and Green laminated Spectra wood
  • Large Cups for maximum Playability
  • Wide stall points with Crisp Cup Rims to lock in stall tricks
  • Triple tracking lines
  • Perfect Jet Bevel
  • Deep Base-Cup Hole for great weight distribution
  • 100% Designed and Produced by Experienced Kendama Players
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Disclaimer: The Craft Kendama is designed for experienced players who are familiar with the risks of Kendama play and understand the consequences of strong impacts and drops, especially along the cup rims and slip ring. We highly recommend playing over soft surfaces to avoid damage to your Kendama.

If chipping is a big concern for you, we would recommend our hardwood Craft Kendamas which have shapes and materials better suited to resist chipping.