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A Kendama Born from Two Histories

Sanga blends two types of history into their Kendamas.

First is the history of Mosaic Woodwork. Hakone Prefecture is known to be an area with an abundance in wood species and has been producing wooden crafts for countless generations. The Mosaic Woodwork techniques (originating in Shizuoka) of the Hakone and Odawara regions quickly gained fame and became a popular memento for Japanese Lords travelling between the capitals. Sanga uses these 200 year old techniques to craft their Kendamas.

Second, Sanga is one of the last companies to use the historical S-Type shape designed by Hideo Shinma and Sase Kazuo. The father of Mr. Horiuchi from Horiuchi Woodcraft Company made S-Type Kendamas at the Hashimoto Woodworking Factory. It is the Kendama that allowed us to meet GLOKEN. Sanga’s design pushes the history of the S-Type Kendama forward.

The look, ease of use, and feel of the wood are all evidence of the craftsmanship put into making this Kendama. This is Sanga.