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JAC Kendama

JAC KENDAMA [ jaku kendama ] brings to you a new, unparalleled Kendama designed and crafted in Japan. Using the Sparrow, a traditional Japanese symbol of happiness as a motif, JAC KENDAMA is dedicated to creating the highest quality Kendama using first-class woods, lamination techniques, balance, and shape. Each Kendama is made in Fukuyama City, a city renowned for furniture carpentry. Craftsmen from SEVEN SENSE CO.,LTD. use the highest quality 3D lathes to precisely turn each Kendama, one by one.

JAC KENDAMA is devoted to crafting elegant, unpainted, natural Tamas with laminated layers of different woods. We do this while creating Tamas that are easy to track, weight-balanced, and exceptionally playable through carefully choosing the direction of the grain. We aim to improve our designs in order to create superior Tamas.

We have kept the original JAC characteristics of thin spikes for clean spiking and thick Sarados for premium lunar balance, but adjusted the length of the Ken and thickness around the slip-stop to improve balance for Kenflips, Gunslingers, and Juggles. By doing so, we have refined an ultra-honed Ken that complements every play style. The finishing touch leaves the Ken slightly coarse, bringing out the resistance and friction that only wood can achieve.

Though JAC KENDAMA is only manufactured in very limited batches, we hope you have the chance to experience our exceptional quality.